A Touch of Comfort

Helping Cancer Patients Feel at Home

A Touch of Comfort would like to thank...

Dan & Meredith Doherty who believed enough in me and A Touch of Comfort that they made not only the first donation, but the single largest to date - which helped launch the charity.

Rick Savitt whose tireless efforts and incredible fund-raising events show how much he cares about this charity and its founder.

Katie Finn without whom there would be no A Touch of Comfort - she has handled the job of a dozen people.

Mark Shapiro and purecommerce.com for our Web site.

Claudia Liberatore for her dedication to continuing the mission that Jim began.

Mike Milazzo for his legal advice.

Our Medical Advisory Boards in Boston and New Haven

Wendy Semonian and the Improper Bostonian, Paul Norwood, John Smiroldo and AJ Rossi at Pure Imaging, Voice Promotions, Diane Mantouvalos, Geoff Ringelstien and Automation Graphics – all for their marketing, design, prepress and printing help.

Further Thanks!!!!

And of course, family and friends for their love and support, and to the generosity of: The Thomas Family-Wendy Semonian-Carl & Ruth Pite-Gary Fineberg-Ken Hylwa-Joe & Colleen Klein-The Simon Family-Pamela Hickey-Suzanne Olson-Lindalea Pite Ludwick-Tim & Carole Reed-Dana D’Alfonso-Paul Garbuio-Andy Withers-Darlene Delmastro-Gary Luciani-Heather Lamont-Jody Shuman-Charles McTiernan-David Larkin-James Sullivan-Jan & George Clarke-Kevin and Susan Baker-The Semonian Family-Dr. Bill Pite-Dave Purpora.